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From 3-axis functions - 'Support for Design to Planning', 'Support for Activities to Analysis', and 'Support for Improvement',
it provides all the functions to support Inside Sales.

'Support Functions for Design to Planning'
We have included templates to support a system design that suits to your company's driving conditions.

Definition of sales processes
Setting funnel targets
Registration and Editing for supporting action plan design
Registration of activity target lists
Setting of individual KPI of action plan
Registration of appeal points
Support for setting communication design
and other

In order to efficiently execute Inside Sales, a company needs an action plan carefully designed. Funnel Navigator is packed with template necessary for designing Inside Sales activities. It also enables the company to accurately perform advance preparations according to its driving conditions. These preparations include implementation of the KPI suitable for establishment of the appropriate action plan design, workload and progress.

'Support Functions for Activities to Analysis'
You can grasp activity progress in real time, and visualize its results and problems.

Support for referring communication scenarios
Registration of activity results
Management Dashboard
Comparison of actual and planned KPI of action plan
Comparison of actual and planned KPI by Inside Sales
Drill-down/Drill-through functions
and other

Funnel Navigator provides substantial functions that help enhance productivity of activity management tasks and analysis operations. With these functions, it enables grasping of activity progress in real time and rapidly generating of analytical data. Funnel Navigator makes available the root-cause analysis from all aspects, including gap between target and actual results, and by resource/ action plan/ targeted client company attributes (location, business type, scale, etc.)/ product, etc.

'Support Functions for Improvement'
You are assisted in dealing promptly with problems. You also are strongly encouraged to achieve your targets.

Support for searching action plan already implemented
Editing of communication design
Support for proposing recovery plans
Management of daily reports
and other

Funnel Navigator provides support to deal with problems and issues promptly to achieve target. It pushes forward the maximization of Inside Sales results, by strongly encouraging with proposing the well-known improvement plan and execute the plans in a concrete way.

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